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Dining Out on Cape Cod

WINTER on Cape Cod does not have to be “BORING”. There are many “year-round” restaurants located in Sea Captain’s homes, some nestled inland, others on the water and many in modern structures, all adding up to varied dining experience.  There is a special Cape Cod feeling: winter ocean waves, mist over the sand dunes, a fireplace in every restaurant dining room and a “grog” or two to warm the heart. Many of our off-season visitors enjoy the winter elements once experience by our forefathers, especially our European visitors.  When dining your server is more attentive, the wine is poured slower, your dinner is orchestrated , more conversations are heard  and original desserts are savored. And there is always the unhurried winding road home. When looking for a Cape Cod restaurant may we suggest visiting,,,  just several of the hundreds of thousands web sites that relate to Old Cape Cod. Come back soon with your opinions about the secret Cape Cod treasures of Cape Cod & the Islands. LISTEN TO “OLD CAPE COD and savor

Lobster Tail Salad

WELCOME … Dining Around Cape Cod. From the canal to the Cape-tip, restaurants are one of Cape Cod’s not-so-secret treasures.  Located in Captain’s houses, saltboxes and modern structures, some are by the water, and others nestled inland. Gourmet cuisine , fresh seafood , casual ambience, and ethnic dishes, they all add up to a varied taste treat.

Here , Dining Around Cape Cod lists a sampling of your favorites, which we will add to as the seasons unfold. Spring Summer Fall Winter. We have visited these restaurants and inns, not as reviewers, and will give only a menu and food overview and preview of each establishment. Chefs do change and therefore we cant’t insure that all menus have remained the same. We offer the following as a guide for some of the most enjoyable dining that Cape Cod has to offer.

Categories: First Look – Reception by Host/Staff – Seating/Ambiance – Table Settings – Cleanliness (table /floor)  Table Service-Greeting/Attention and then comment on presentation and food. (if you know some history of the establishment , please add)  Chefs name, Restaurateur, webiste, etc.